Us and Them

He wasn’t from here. Not that we’re immune to hate but he wasn’t from here We are collaborative and open We are hopeful We’re contributors and creators We’re thoughtful and engaged. No, he wasn’t one of us. And yet, “Us” and “them” is so much of the problem, it’s an easy road fraught with hidden

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risk it


A couple weeks ago I ended up in a conversation with some folks explaining the “name your price” model in our coffee shops. My normal explanation goes, “We want to challenge people to consider the impact they can have with small choices, so we invite them to value their drink knowing we pay our growers

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jump in.


  where would you go if you could? I’m talking about anywhere in the world or outside of it. what would you do? who would you bring with you? how long would you stay? would you ever come back? why? I can think of lot’s of places I’d like to go with the people I

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CREDO Conduit Impact Winner

In recognition of his commitment to creating space in Orlando to celebrate world-class art, Downtown CREDO is pleased to extend the CREDO Conduit Impact Award to Benoit Glazer. This award is given in recognition of individuals or initiatives that showcase the valuable creative endeavors of our city and the world. In doing so, they inspire people to live with meaning and help build community. Mr. Glazer’s tireless effort to establish, fund, organize, and curate the Timucua White House has affected the cultural landscape of Orlando. His commitment to see art and music in Orlando grow is one CREDO resonates with, and we are honored to recognize him for it.

CREDO Coffee Impact Award Winner

In recognition of his commitment to fighting hunger and poverty by leveraging Second Harvest’s reach into restaurant culture through the Darden Foundation Community Kitchen, Downtown CREDO is pleased to extend the CREDO Coffee Impact Award to David Krepcho. Each year this award is given to an individual or initiative working thoughtfully in the food sector with an awareness of the value in living with meaning, impact and community. His commitment to provide a stable and consistent source of food to the food banks of Central Florida while at the same time thoughtfully addressing poverty and joblessness is admirable. From our perspective it looks like a decision to reject apathy at not only hunger, but also its causes. The combination of generosity and ingenuity to find sustainable and honest ways to impact Orlando is one with which CREDO resonates.