Rally Makers 2017 Cohort


We forgot to tell you! Did y’all see the video of the gender reveal balloon surprise-gone-wrong? This isn’t that, but now you have a cute video to find. Thanks again for the fun CREDO weekend – Awards and Summit included. The Rally Makers have selected five organizations to mentor for 2017 (funding to be determined

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the post-CREDO Awards recap.


Thank you.   …I wrote these words and ended up in two conversations before getting back to this post. Turns out, that’s all I want to say. To the Award winners, Friday night was for you. Thank you for making our city beautiful. To the Parks Project artists, you amaze me. Thank you for bringing

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Us and Them

He wasn’t from here. Not that we’re immune to hate but he wasn’t from here We are collaborative and open We are hopeful We’re contributors and creators We’re thoughtful and engaged. No, he wasn’t one of us. And yet, “Us” and “them” is so much of the problem, it’s an easy road fraught with hidden

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risk it


A couple weeks ago I ended up in a conversation with some folks explaining the “name your price” model in our coffee shops. My normal explanation goes, “We want to challenge people to consider the impact they can have with small choices, so we invite them to value their drink knowing we pay our growers

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