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The other day I stopped by my friends Boys & Girls club. Whenever I’m at the Jackson Center, I stop by the club just to check in. Ms. Tasha was meeting with her leadership team planning an empowerment day for the girls of their club. Part of their day included a panel of women professionals to answer questions the girls had about how they got to where they are. They wanted a counseling professional but didn’t know one off hand. I texted a friend who was pleased to be a part. The event will be fuller, and my friend will get to meet the great young women at the club.

It might have really hit home in 2010 as I rode in the back of a pick up truck through back country mountains in the Quiche region of Guatemala with friends and who new the people who farmed coffee there. Or maybe again last weekend as I rode my bike down Parramore avenue in the middle of a parade that featured the kids of that neighborhood and celebrated the beauty and strength that comes from diversity. Whenever it was, somewhere I learned and continue to believe that the truest value and most powerful force is in friendship. I have seen, several times over, the truth in the adage “the only capital that matters in people capital.”

That’s part of why I’m so excited for our new shop at Florida Hospital. The space looks very different than our College Park location, but the people are the same and so is the mission. The CREDO reminds us that life is better when it’s lived in community. I recently defined my notion of “community” for some folks: “a place where you are known and know people.” CREDO will create spaces to know and be known, because it’ll make our lives better. As people become known, new opportunities emerge, solutions become evident and any task gets easier. The new shop at 550 e. rollins street is a great place for us to plant the flag of meaning, impact and community. I hope you’ll come by, maybe even take some time to be known. There are people there, and people can do anything. You never know what might happen.

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