risk it


A couple weeks ago I ended up in a conversation with some folks explaining the “name your price” model in our coffee shops. My normal explanation goes, “We want to challenge people to consider the impact they can have with small choices, so we invite them to value their drink knowing we pay our growers

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The other day I stopped by my friends Boys & Girls club. Whenever I’m at the Jackson Center, I stop by the club just to check in. Ms. Tasha was meeting with her leadership team planning an empowerment day for the girls of their club. Part of their day included a panel of women professionals to answer

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new shop.

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We’re working hard to open a new location. But as I’ve been thinking about more coffee and a second CREDO I stumbled on something I wrote several years ago as we were getting started. It’s still true: it’s important for you to know that I’m not a crusader or some sort of zealot. I just

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