CREDO Coffee Impact Award Winner

In recognition of his commitment to fighting hunger and poverty by leveraging Second Harvest’s reach into restaurant culture through the Darden Foundation Community Kitchen, Downtown CREDO is pleased to extend the CREDO Coffee Impact Award to David Krepcho. Each year this award is given to an individual or initiative working thoughtfully in the food sector with an awareness of the value in living with meaning, impact and community. His commitment to provide a stable and consistent source of food to the food banks of Central Florida while at the same time thoughtfully addressing poverty and joblessness is admirable. From our perspective it looks like a decision to reject apathy at not only hunger, but also its causes. The combination of generosity and ingenuity to find sustainable and honest ways to impact Orlando is one with which CREDO resonates.


bike tour

Some time ago I read a book called Urban Tribes. It gave me hope. It felt like an affirmation. Like someone had gone ahead of me into cities bigger and more complex than mine. The book was their reconnaissance report: the pull toward meaningful community is real, it’s stronger than buildings and masses of anonymous

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Part of our CREDO says, “life is worth living so I refuse to merely exist.” We wrote it realizing that it’s easy to just follow the rut of the person in front of you, going from one day to the next with very little intention. Yet we had developed the conviction that life deserved greater

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Two pieces of advice


At a key point in my life somebody told me that my life would be fuller when it was comprised of people different from me. About the same time somebody else told me that the best service I could offer folks was genuine friendship. I have spent a considerable amount of time and energy following

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REBUILD Globally Rally Makers Update

julie columbino

REBUILD globally Award: $20,000 and mentorship Amount distributed to date: $10,000.02 Entrepreneur: Julie Columbino “Hey Julie, what have you learned about yourself working alongside your mentor team?” I have really enjoyed working with my mentor team because they have enabled me to get a better view of the structure and the model we have worked

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