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We’re working hard to open a new location. But as I’ve been thinking about more coffee and a second CREDO I stumbled on something I wrote several years ago as we were getting started. It’s still true: it’s important for you to know that I’m not a crusader or some sort of zealot. I just

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I like to be alone. I like to walk down the street by myself, or sit and stare at a lake alone. I like to sit amongst people with headphones on, to feel like I’m in my own world. I even like going to a movie by myself. It’s not that I don’t like people.

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Start Elswhere


Give a shit. A good friend once told me this was a simple key to open all sorts of doors. He said some much could be built or improved in people’s lives if they just truly cared about something, anything, other than themselves. Of course it’s not easy. I mean it’s easy to say “I

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2014-08-03 10.06.18

I got the chance to ride bikes with what felt like 100 people this passed weekend. I don’t exactly know why that feels so fun, but it does. There’s something about riding bikes with bunches of people, right down the middle of the road, that makes you feel like a kid. Like a kid in

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start somewhere


Life has gotten busy with CREDO. A shop that started w/people donating for a cup of drip coffee on weekday mornings, has grown into a 7days a week shop that was just voted best coffee shop in Orlando. We’re planning for more shops, annual awards dinners and city wide bike rallies. We’re applying for grants

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