Edible Education Experience Rally Makers Update

janice banks

Edible Education Experience Award: mentorship Entrepreneur: Janice Banks “Hey Janice, what have you learned about yourself working alongside your mentor team?” Through this Rally Makers mentoring experience we crafted our mission statement, and completed a host of technical tasks that have resulted in EEE having a cohesive online presence. We also discovered a deeper level

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SourcecodeB46 Rally Maker Update

kyle steel

Award: $5,000 and mentorship Amount distributed to date: $5,000 Entrepreneur: Kyle Steele “Hey Kyle, what have you learned about yourself working alongside your mentor team?” As a team, we need to continuously think, plan and execute in a manner that allows us to scale. Essentially, creating and implementing a strategic plan. “How has SourceCodeB46 changed

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The other day I stopped by my friends Boys & Girls club. Whenever I’m at the Jackson Center, I stop by the club just to check in. Ms. Tasha was meeting with her leadership team planning an empowerment day for the girls of their club. Part of their day included a panel of women professionals to answer

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I like to be alone. I like to walk down the street by myself, or sit and stare at a lake alone. I like to sit amongst people with headphones on, to feel like I’m in my own world. I even like going to a movie by myself. It’s not that I don’t like people.

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Pitch Night line up


We’re excited to announce the line up for October 15th Rally Makers Pitch night: Care Spotter CareSpotter is an online marketplace that directly connects families with background-checked, professional caregivers in the family’s community. Edible Schoolyard By tapping the creative force of food, garden, health and education experts and linking them to students and parents via

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