Generations change.


I spent the weekend with a group of guys who are friends of my father. At some point it came up that 6 of the 7 of them had been in their current career for 20 years or more. As they were talking through that–30 years, 22 years, 25 years–it occurred to me how few

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2014-08-03 10.06.18

I got the chance to ride bikes with what felt like 100 people this passed weekend. I don’t exactly know why that feels so fun, but it does. There’s something about riding bikes with bunches of people, right down the middle of the road, that makes you feel like a kid. Like a kid in

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start somewhere


Life has gotten busy with CREDO. A shop that started w/people donating for a cup of drip coffee on weekday mornings, has grown into a 7days a week shop that was just voted best coffee shop in Orlando. We’re planning for more shops, annual awards dinners and city wide bike rallies. We’re applying for grants

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Throwback Thursday: Bike Rally 2013

This summer we hosted our second annual Bike Rally, riding from the coffee shop to ZL Riley Park. Partnering with our friends at Parramore Kids Zone, the bike ride reminded us that diversity makes our city, our neighborhoods and our lives better. Take a look!   Photos courtesy of Cody Jordan

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