The problem is that everything keeps moving. Not just the mornings, but the responsibilities. If we’re going to live with meaning and purpose, we’re going to need some sort of conduit to move us out of the routine and open us up to possibility and creativity. Downtown Credo is that conduit by creating opportunities to equip, connect and feature creative endeavors that engage people into lives of meaning, impact and community. Credo Conduit will serve our city and its people by making a way to create where there wasn’t one before. We are committed to facilitating the emergence of creativity in people by removing barriers, providing space, exposing inspiration, encouraging education…whatever it takes.

Conduit Events


Conduit believes that people can transform lives using their talents so we work to empower people with ideas and abilities. Orlando is full of talent, we want to be intentional about bringing those people together and involving them in a story bigger than themselves; deep sense of unity rarely develops spontaneously. We want to re-think value and set up a system where teachers and students alike learn and connect in a space where everyone has something valuable to exchange.

Classes are taught with no cash exchanged, teachers are invited to barter their skills and time with those of attendees. We escape expense, agenda, and bureaucracy and realize that people have more to offer than dollar bills. Teachers and students meet voluntarily to discuss relevant topics, inform, and educate each other in skill-share seminars.

Songwriter’s Stage

Conduit hopes to facilitate community amongst songwriters of Central Florida. There’s a lot of talent in this city and we want to help showcase it and help individuals grow as artists. We hope these nights will motivate and inspire people who have written songs or who have always wanted to try.


Performers have ten minutes each to make Credo stage their own. Each act performs two original songs, and a panel of judges chooses three finalists. These three are invited back to the stage at the end of the night to perform one more song, and the judges select one winner (cash prize included!). Performers are judged in five different areas: songwriting, vocal performance, playing ability, stage presence, and audience response.

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