Edible Education Experience Rally Makers Update

janice banks

janice banks

Edible Education Experience
Award: mentorship
Entrepreneur: Janice Banks

“Hey Janice, what have you learned about yourself working alongside your mentor team?”

Through this Rally Makers mentoring experience we crafted our mission statement, and completed a host of technical tasks that have resulted in EEE having a cohesive online presence. We also discovered a deeper level of commitment amongst the Edible Education Experience (EEE) team who enjoy being life-long learners and working for a cause bigger than themselves. In other words, when we received two full-scale Marketing/Website Design RFP’s with bids of 38K+, EEE team members and Heath Hensley agreed to attempt our own website design using SquareSpace. Now for your viewing pleasure, we’re happy to present: www.EdibleEd.org

“How has Edible Education Experience changed in the last six months?”

The changes EEE has made during this mentoring process are best outlined in the following email excerpt from Hensley:
It has been a pleasure working with you for the last 3 months. I feel like we have accomplished quite a bit in a short amount of time. You guys are hard workers! As we discussed in our last meeting, I believe we have accomplished the goals we stated at the beginning of the 3-month period. The fact that I am

(1) sending this email to your @EdibleEd.org email address,
(2) you own edibleEd.org,
(3) you are getting email, calendar, and all of the other tools of Google Apps for free,
(4) your social media sites are all up and running with a quality name, and last but not least,
(5) you have a beautiful website that represents what you all are all about in a clear and engaging way… all of that is a testament to the hard work you have done. It has been a privilege to work with you. Thank you for the opportunity.

We never would have predicted that a mentoring, rather than financial, grant would prove so much more productive for this stage of our development. We look forward to our next Rally Makers Mentorship to help us develop our business model, enabling us to focus our energies on sustainable entrepreneurial practices that will best support our mission.


Mentor: Heath Hensley
” Hey Heath, imagine that [Edible Education] is the cover story for Fast Company in Spring 2016. What are you most exited to read about their progress as a result of their time with Rally Makers?”

I hope to read… “Through the help of Rally Makers, Edible Education Experience (EEE) has literally and figuratively tilled their land, planted their crop, and is now reaping the harvest. Through EEE, students and teachers, of all ages, from all over the Central Florida area has had the opportunity to connect with a delicious healthy meal and the origin of its ingredients. The life-skills taught through the Edible Education Experience have not only empowered students and families to grow their own food and cook delicious, affordable, and nutritious meals but also has had a meaningful impact on the overall health and well-being of the community.”


As we approach the fall round of new enterprises, what do you look for most in a social enterprise/leader?

Clarity of the long term impact they want to make through the work of their social enterprise, and the evidence that they have the stamina and expertise to do it.


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