How have you been impacted by the work credo is doing?

when i moved to orlando, i was looking for meaningful community amongst other songwriters but couldn’t find precisely what i imagined. i discovered downtown credo and they simply said, “you could do that here,” and they helped me make it happen. now the songwriter’s stage is probably my
favorite night of the month. i love that together, we’re making orlando a better place live.

How do you hope to impact the city?

i’m mostly interested in finding people who have written a few humble songs but never really played them for anyone and providing a room full of listening people. my hope is that they leave encouraged, write a few more songs, connect with the right people to make them as good as they can be and then get out there and play them. i get really excited every time it
happens (and it happens a lot)!

How do you hope to impact the world?

i hope people outside orlando see what we’re doing and feel little jealous, like they wish there was something similar in their city – just enough to make them feel empowered to make something happen. the songwriter’s stage is just one of so many things credo does that should be in every city.