How have you been impacted by the work credo is doing?

i benefit from sitting in on the workshops we host – to see any step of
any creative process inspires me to produce work and do more of what
i love. workshops help dignify my peers and i become more conscious of learning from their unique experiences and perspectives.

How do you hope to impact the city?

i want my own work to ask what’s imaginable, not what’s realistic or
practical or feasible. taking risks in my own creative life enables others to
do the same. i think my best shot at making any kind of impact on those around me is to be diligent in making something of my world in order
to help them make sense of theirs.

How do you hope to impact the world?

on my best days, i really do believe that artists can be agents for renewal and healing and that they can play a small part in coping with and repairing brokenness. i desperately want to wade through and interpret the world’s wonders and terrors with people who have ideas and abilities – with any luck, the programs and events conduit organizes to do so will leave the world a little less discouraged.