the post-CREDO Awards recap.


Thank you.


…I wrote these words and ended up in two conversations before getting back to this post. Turns out, that’s all I want to say.

To the Award winners, Friday night was for you. Thank you for making our city beautiful.

To the Parks Project artists, you amaze me. Thank you for bringing these hidden gems to life through your eyes.

To the sponsors, you are the glue that keeps us together. Thank you for your continued partnership.

To the Rally Makers, your insight is a gift. Thank you for challenging our concepts of how to do things.

To the enterprises who pitched, you are an inspiration. Thank you for dreaming and dancing at the same time.

To Sam Sinyangwe, your vision is needed, both locally and nationally. Thank you for your continuing work.

To friends, significant others, and fellow attendees, thanks for your presence and support. We need you, and you keep us going.

To Ben and Jay, thank you for your heart. The hours, emails, hustle and energy that is unseen. The words of encouragement and inspiration that is seen. Your friendship and collaboration is the highest honor.


Cheers, y’all.



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