REBUILD Globally Rally Makers Update

julie columbino

julie columbino

REBUILD globally
Award: $20,000 and mentorship
Amount distributed to date: $10,000.02
Entrepreneur: Julie Columbino

“Hey Julie, what have you learned about yourself working alongside your mentor team?”

I have really enjoyed working with my mentor team because they have enabled me to get a better view of the structure and the model we have worked so hard to create at REBUILD globally.  It has given me the chance to “enjoy” what we have accomplished.  Talking about the company with them has also allowed to me to learn more about the work and get a better feel for the bigger picture.  Their suggestions, input and guidance has spearheaded dramatic progress.  It has allowed me to focus on different aspects of the business development in a new and more productive way.  

The team has also been available to answer business-specific questions which have helped me make immediate decisions.  

“How has REBUILD globally changed in the last six months while working with Rally Makers?”

These accomplishments have been so significant in the past 6 months, as we have identified and set a structure to our social business ecosystem.  We have got it out of my head, on paper and actually implemented!  This has had an astronomical effect on every aspect of the organization.  From the actual legal structure to the individual position descriptions of each member of the team, I have been able to delegate specific work to different people.

Our Haitian business is totally set up for success.  Our director of Business Development is ready to quadruple sales and my Executive Assistant is organizing my calendar and vetting my meetings to protect my time.  We have really started to set the stage for scalability!

Can’t thank you all enough for the investment in our social business!


Mentor: Kimberly Lawton Loon

“Hey Kimberly, imagine that [REBUILD globally] is the cover story for Fast Company in Spring 2016. What are you most exited to read about their progress as a result of their time with Rally Makers?

I will be most excited to read about how Rebuild Globally has become a more sustainable business through the definition of the structure and relationship between the manufacturer in Haiti, the sales & distribution arm, and Rebuild Globally as the foundation and guiding arm.

“As we approach the fall round of new enterprises, what do you look for most in a social enterprise/leader?”

I have loved seeing that the leader, Julie, has evolved her position to work less on the day-to-day details and now delegate out the sales & distribution while becoming the true visionary for the brand and spokesperson for the standard of fair trade.


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