Part of our CREDO says, “life is worth living so I refuse to merely exist.” We wrote it realizing that it’s easy to just follow the rut of the person in front of you, going from one day to the next with very little intention. Yet we had developed the conviction that life deserved greater attention than that. Moreover, if we could manage to mine our dreams for what we loved, and invest in those things with creativity and ingenuity we’d like our lives better. We quickly found that dreams are contagious. The more people you’re around who’re doing the things they love, the more you begin to remember what you love. From behind the counter at the shop, we tend to hear lots of folks ideas for living with meaning. It’s pretty great.

A couple days ago, I heard a phrase that seems to keep surfacing in my conversations: “Success is more about execution than ideas.” A lot of great ideas for meaningful living crash and burn before they ever get going. Not because they’re bad ideas, just because they’re not executed well. They asked me how CREDO is executed. I told them, we don’t do it alone.

This is a serious key to successful ideas and meaningful living. Don’t do it alone. We didn’t know how to execute all the ideas we had, neither did we have the means. But we were so convinced of their quality and importance that we just kept talking about them. People introduced us to people who introduced us to other people. Eventually we had friends who could do things we didn’t know how to do or couldn’t do.  Meaningful living can’t happen in isolation, and nothing builds friendships like a common cause. Find yours and get out there.

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