SourcecodeB46 Rally Maker Update

kyle steel

kyle steel

Award: $5,000 and mentorship
Amount distributed to date: $5,000
Entrepreneur: Kyle Steele
“Hey Kyle, what have you learned about yourself working alongside your mentor team?”

As a team, we need to continuously think, plan and execute in a manner that allows us to scale. Essentially, creating and implementing a strategic plan.

“How has SourceCodeB46 changed in the last six months?”

  • Become more focused on scaling
  • Implemented our online program and exceeded our goal of 100 paid students during the pilot.
  • Add the District of Columbia Department of Parks & Recreations & The YMCA of Central Florida to our client list
  • Have grown 300%
  • Started the SourceCodeB46 Foundation (501(c)3)
  • Stabilized our pricing model and company mission



Mentor: Michael Shindler 

“Hey Michael, imagine that [SourceCodeB46] is the cover story for Fast Company in Spring 2016. What are you most excited to read about their progress as a result of their time with Rally Makers?

By this time in Spring 2016, it will be gratifying to see (and I hope to continue to be helping achieve) the following:

  • near universal penetration of SourceCodeB46 within the Orlando Public Schools,
  • an expansion of the online model to national status,
  • additional organizations (e.g., YMCA of Orlando, Washington, DC Recreation District and others) working with SCB46 for summer enrichment,
  • the successful conclusion of a “Seed Capital” round of fund-raising now planned for Q1 2016,
  • the successful on-boarding of qualified teachers under the SCB46 umbrella, preferably as contract workers and
  • the hiring of a full-time COO to allow Kyle Steele to continue to envision strategic inroads for teaching Code to 4th through 6th graders to accomplish the goals of SCB46.

“As we approach the fall round of new enterprises, what do you look for most in a social enterprise/leader?”

The ideal social enterprise leader must be equally dedicated to both (a) affecting lives and a community in a meaningfully positive way and (b) the substance of his or her vehicle to do so. It would be a bonus if that person is also disciplined, organized and capable of commanding an organizational presence and overseeing organizational structure.


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