Ben Hoyer


Orlando, Florida

I grew up in Lake Mary and went to college at the University of Florida. While there, I met and married my wife Megan. We have two beautiful kids Wesley and Eleanor.

As we made Orlando our home, we made a decision that we wanted to find the most helpful way to serve our city. Downtown CREDO emerged from the desire to serve Orlando by challenging folks to consider that quality of life is more tied to who we’re becoming than to what we have or what we’re accomplishing. We’re pretty convinced that if we become people of meaning, impact and community then, no matter our level of affluence, we’ll like our lives better.

I still love playing legos, my five year-old son gives me a good excuse. If I can convince him to like erector sets I’ll really be having a good time.


Jason Moore

Coffee Director

Orlando, Florida

I’ve lived in Florida most of my life, specifically here in Orlando for 10 years. A military brat and veteran myself, I’ve also had the opportunity to live in and see a lot of different places.

I have been fortunate enough to watch CREDO grow from a small idea into what it is now. Over the years, it has been a constant source of community and culture that actively pursues and breathes social awareness in such a proprietary way. By joining CREDO in its pursuit, my life and work inherently gain more meaning.

I am the father of two strikingly handsome gents named Evan and Miles. They can slap some serious five.

Jordan A. Albright

College Park Lead Barista

West Palm Beach, Florida

Hello! I was born in Detroit, MI, but, thankfully, my parents wised up when I was quite young and decided that living in some seemingly intense cold weather was, somehow … not enjoyable? Good rationale, I said, as we became West Palm Beach, FL bound, and THAT was the moment I felt like I really started living. I have lived in various parts of Florida ever since, and I certainly feel like my Home is here… because, truly, my heart is here.

After moving the Orlando to attend UCF to study Sociological Theory and Philosophy, I realized that thought/theory is great, but only as precursor to action/behavior, which is what brought me around to the addiction that is the community of CREDO. Fun Fact: This has already helped me figure out what I really want to be when I grow up, which is to professionally play in the dirt; do you know what I mean by that? Come in and find out! (Hint: it’s where food comes from!)

Stephan Monteserin

Coffee Barista

Gainesville, Florida

I have lived in Florida the majority of my life. I don’t generally care for too many sunny days in a row, but the rain here ameliorates that complaint. I lived in Gainesville where I studied art, anthropology, and how to be 20 something and after that in Charlotte, where I continued my studies in being oh so bohemian. Moving back to sweaty Orlando, (after swearing I’d never return) was a big deal. DowntownCREDO is a major reason for that once impossible move back. I wanted to invest in something more than my own musings about existence. With CREDO I can practically give away the lessons I’ve accumulated. I am afforded a great opportunity everyday to be present in the community, finding deep meaning by serving others. At the intersection of community, justice, service, creativity, CREDO stands out by giving me a chance to be more fully myself.  

Alexandra Halenda

Coffee Barista

Orlando, Florida

Grew up a happy, home-schooled, nature loving, tree climbing, gymnastics kid. Moved north to Orlando, studied theatre, sociology, philosophy, certified yoga instructor. Moved to California to live/work in a yoga commune, feel free to ask about that if you’re interested. I love to travel, meet new people, learn about new cultures and philosophies, eat nourishing, healthy food, and enjoy life’s peaks and valleys! Credo has the BEST coffee in Orlando. I can say that in confidence because I love coffee. Also, Credo’s drive to build community, and trust in the support of it (donation coffee, what?!?) inspires me and challenge’s business structure as we know it. I can juggle, hold handstand’s for minutes, listen intently, and the breve is my favorite drink. I once walked 30 miles along the california coast with a friend in one day. I dream of pulling a Forrest Gump cross country, walking style.

Jessica Wheel

Coffee Barista

San Diego, California

Born and raised in California. Moved to Orlando after living abroad. Then moved back to California but loved and missed the amazing community in Orlando so I here I am.

I love the heart they have towards their community not only locally but globally. I feel apart of something bigger.

I went by an alias for two years.

Samantha Boesch

Coffee Barista

Orlando, FL

I’m a true Floridian, born and raised. I graduated from UCF with a degree in English Literature, and then packed my bags to go visit South America for a bit.

I started working at Credo when I came back to Orlando this past fall. I love how Downtown Credo continues to bring the community together and challenge people to make the world around them a better place. I’m proud to be a part of such an awesome place.

When I’m not making your espresso, I’m probably either binge watching Parks and Recreation while eating donuts, traveling to new places, or trying to learn more Spanish.


Nicole Higgins

Rally Director

Orlando, Florida

I was born in Jamaica and grew up in Orlando. I moved to Georgia for school…and then southern California…and then DC. Fortunately, the travels have subsided and I have once again made my way back home.

The idea of a non-profit coffee shop was the first thing that caught my eye, but as I spent more time at the coffee shop – and later joined the team at CREDO in Fall 2012 – I was inspired by how our small choices to have lives of meaning truly make an impact in our community.

I’m always looking for someone to talk to about the West Wing…yes, the show that premiered in 1999. If not the show, I’m a sucker for swapping cooking and baking stories.


Tiffanie Brunson

Conduit Director / Events Coordinator

Orlando, Florida

I was born in Orlando and moved almost immediately. I’m an Air Force brat. I lived out of the country until middle school when my family settled down in Winter Garden, FL. I moved to Southern California for College and transferred to UCF. I’ve been calling Orlando home ever since.


Roman Rusinov


Orlando, Florida

I was born in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, small town in the middle of Siberia. Yes it’s cold there and bears play accordions when they get drunk on vodka.

Long story short, Credo become my second workspace since it opened it’s doors. Coffee-design exchange platform was born. More then that, it become my art playground and relationship builder sandbox. Awesome team, great people and wise-versa.

I also love making wood furniture, practicing carpenter skills, riding mountain bikes, wakeskating and drinking beer with my beautiful other half.

Board of Stewards

Angela Griner


Orlando, Florida

I’ve lived in Central Florida most of my life and am working on raising two boys Isaiah and Elliot, with my husband Kyle. Have worked in Education for a little over 15 years and currently serve as educational consultant and adjunct faculty at UCF and Rollins. I chose to be a part of CREDO, because I believe in CREDO’s core values that focus on living and serving well with others in meaningful and sustainable ways.

Jack Elkins

Steward's Chairman

Orlando, Florida

I was born and raised in Central Florida and now live in downtown Orlando. I went to college at Florida State University, attended graduate school at UCF, and currently work for the Orlando Magic. From all the ways I have witnessed service (social, religious, institutional, corporate) I have adopted the CREDO because downtown CREDO focuses on serving the community well. I enjoy learning about what true service looks like and acting on it in the community I call home. Though I spend a majority of my time in Orlando…I love an adventure. I can be dared to do many things including serving on the board for downtown CREDO

Oneka A. Burnett


Jamaica W.I.
Originally from Jamaica W.I., I migrated to the U.S. at the age of 10. I resided in Philadelphia for a few years and later relocated to Florida in 1996. Credo has and continues to inspired change in their community by advancing social impact. I was inspired by this passion and commitment and knew immediately I wanted to serve as an ambassador. I love to travel for the purpose that it expands my mind, enriches my life with new experiences as well as it widens my horizon.


Our favorite breakfast place is right across the street and donates all our ice to us!

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Downtown CREDO is glad to be a member of the organization behind Jazzfest, Holiday on the Drive and most things College Park


The team at Eisner Rose work with us in finding the best food service supplies and equipment to make the best coffee in Orlando!


We get all our tea from the friends right down the road, you’ll also find our coffee at their shop.


We love those pops! Also they serve our coffee cold brewed.


We’re behind the mission of these folks and collaborate on their clothes swap


They love to do our Laundry, so much that they do it for a trade!


These good folks introduced us to the Guatemalan coffee growers, and still roast for us.


Our Orlando Roaster of choice these folks are always willing to lend a hand.


We love collaborate with these great folks whenever we can.


After months of working together picking up trash, these folks have become good friends.


We were thrilled to join the ranks of Disney grantees in the spring of 2013.


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