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Some time ago I read a book called Urban Tribes. It gave me hope. It felt like an affirmation. Like someone had gone ahead of me into cities bigger and more complex than mine. The book was their reconnaissance report: the pull toward meaningful community is real, it’s stronger than buildings and masses of anonymous people. A dream for CREDO is that it would be fertile ground for tribes to develop with intention; tribes that move us toward meaning and impact; that as Orlando is networked with those types of tribes, it becomes a better place to live.

In the last week, I’ve had the opportunity to share the story of CREDO with 3 or 4 different groups of people: meaning-impact-community; take small steps to fight against the natural momentum of your life; remember why you do what you do. As it resonates with people and they ask how to get involved, lately, I’ve been directing them to Nicole. Because Nicole is cultivating the soil of CREDO lately. She can find places to plant folks.

She was describing someRally initiatives the other day. They’re not programs I could draw up, or run. But they are programs our friends run. Friends with different passions than us, different skills. They’re making decisions to be people of impact, and doing it with us. That gives me hope. It’s an affirmation that my city is becoming my home: the place my tribe lives.

Lately, I’m loving that. It’s giving me confidence and comfort. Being a part of a tribe that is larger than me. Knowing that when I walk into new situations, I don’t do it alone. That when I assess my ability to accomplish something, I also count the capability of a whole tribe of folks. When I think about who I am, I find myself including my tribe. I don’t know if you have a tribe, but you ought to.

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