At Credo we believe that coffee is a conduit for pursuing meaning, impact, and community. We roast coffee every week so that you can always enjoy our coffee at its peak freshness. When crafting a food program for downtown credo, it made sense to default towards a plant-forward approach with the intentionality that we seek to believe…

When crafting a food program for Downtown CREDO, embracing a plant-based approach felt necessary in order to align with the intentionality of CREDO's commitment to examining how our daily choices impact our communities. Just as we aim to encourage each other to pursue lives of meaning, we strive to make menu and ingredient choices that have positive impacts. The growing popularity of plant-based fare comes from a rising social consciousness that seeks to understand the impact our food choices have on the environment. Offering vegan fare allows us to extend our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability from seed to cup, and now to plate. Whether it's ethically sourced direct trade coffee or in-house made, plant-forward dishes, we aim to nurture people and the planet through intentional decisions.

The best part is, regardless of dietary, religious and lifestyle choices, we'll make the needed accommodations to nourish you. We are mindful of top allergens and cater to them with utmost care. Let us provide food and coffee for your next event, and you'll see what we mean.