At Credo we believe that coffee is a conduit for pursuing meaning, impact, and community. We roast coffee every week so that you can always enjoy our coffee at its peak freshness. Let us provide our specialty grade coffee for your next event, and you’ll see what we mean.

Batch Brew

We offer freshly brewed coffee in large batches, ready to serve at any event. Our coffee is brewed into large cambros and made available for pickup on the day of.

1 cambro serves about 60 people.

*Supplies and fixings can be added to each order.

Chemex Service

For those that might want a more personalized touch to the coffee experience, we offer a Chemex station.

This includes one of our baristas at each station preparing each cup of coffee, brewed out of our Chemex.

1 Chemex brews about 4 cups of coffee.

*Supplies and fixings available.

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